Mint 28th October 2021 to 31st October 2021

About The Project

Witches?! Run!

That's right and they are about to enter this Blockchain to take over the world we know! They were once roaming the earth scavenging human souls so they can live forever until Witcher ended their lives. But now an ancient family of 10,000 Witches have assembled in otherworld to return back to Earth and take back what once belonged to them: Ethereum Blockchain.

Witches band together as sisters; they are one strong family that will use their black magic to completely eliminate all other competitors on this Blockchain.

Some would call them ruthless, others say they're inheritors of this Blockchain and its their right to reclaim the Metaverse. What we do know about Witches for sure is that they’re randomly generated NFT huntresses each with an unpredictable attitude, generated from over 165 traits!

The Roadmap

— Wicked summons the Witches and they start roaming the Earth!
— 10 Witch giveaways for Twitter followers and whoever likes the tweet
— 5 ETH Giveaway to holders
— Donation to a charity of your choice, most liked charity on Discord. Community wallet filled with 10 ETH (Community will vote what community wallet will be used on)
— Merchandise available to pre-order, everyone who orders has the chance to enter a rare Wicked Witch giveaway (FREE TO HOLDERS - SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED)
— Airdrop a Witch aura to lucky Witch holders who retweet our tweet. (Aura's are hidden traits on all Witches NFTs, but will only be reveled to those who retweet. Auras will increase rarity of a witch. ) Community wallet filled with 20 ETH (Community will vote what community wallet will be used on) Roadmap completion giveaway . (Eligible holders only) - 10 ETH TO A LUCKY HOLDER THROUGH RAFFLE OF HOLDING A WITCH! (EACH WITCH IS A RAFFLE TICKET)
— We will add additional collections to the Wicked World including Wicked Hunters.
- Wicked Hunters will fight Witches for their land in a revolutionary NFT board game (online).
- Witch collectors will gain early access information to future collections.
- Wicked will airdrop different properties like Auras to your NFTs.


When was this project started?

The artist started with the first sketches in early September 2021.

Who is the artist?

Rumah Menara :

What is the total supply?

A total of 10.000 unique Witches NFTs will be created.

When is the launch?

Pre-sale 29th October, 10PM CENTRAL. Public-sale 30th October, 10PM CENTRAL.

How much does it cost to mint an NFT?

0.0666 ETH + gas.

Where can I mint?

You'll be able to mint on our website once announced :

How many can I mint during the sale?

We have decided to limit the number of NFT’s minted per transaction to 5.

Will my Witches be revealed directly after purchase?

Reveal will happen in 24 hours after mint.

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